Common variables and list of queryable servers

In the following examples we have used the terms yourApiToken for the Dashboard generated API Key, SERVER to represent our database server to be queried and X to represent the check and device variables.

For example:


The database server to query is dependent on the territory your account is registered under. The current territories and respective URLs are:

Territory URL
France (FR)
United Kingdom
United States

Based on the above, a user in the United Kingdom uses the URL and their query would be:

Determine API Server URL from Dashboard URL

If you are unsure of your Dashboard account territory:

  • Look at the URL used to access your Dashboard as this may include a region reference, or
  • If the URL does not mention a region, for example a custom domain, append /dashboard to one of above URLs and attempt login to your Dashboard at the prompt. Based on the United Kingdom this would look like:
  • Where problems are still experienced determining the region from a custom Dashboard URL. Open a command prompt or terminal on the device. Then perform an nslookup on the custom Dashboard URL:
nslookup dashboard.custom.domain
Non-authoritative answer:

When requesting the API Key is sent from the Dashboard, the respective server URL is included in the email.

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