CloudBerry Managed Backup (MSP360)

For the CloudBerry Managed Backup Check the Agent interrogates the Windows Application Event Log on the local device for any file and folder backups that ran in the preceding 24-hours.

The Agent searches for the "online backup" Event Source (case insensitive) and looks for "Plan name" and "Files copied" in the details

We then use the use the "Result", "Files copied" and "Files failed" information to determine the status of the backup jobs and the backup information.

To record any successful backups that completed with errors as passed, the files were open when the backup ran or the number of files to copy were less than the number of files to backup, enable the "Show 'complete with exception' as successful" tickbox.

Before using this Check, please ensure that CloudBerry Managed Backup (MSP360) is configured to write

To allow the Backup Check to retrieve the required information, configure CloudBerry Managed Backup (MSP360) to Report on Backup Status to the Windows Event Log.

Since the Backup Checks poll the device for the backup results, the results in N-sight RMM are those reported by the Backup software being monitored. If the reported result is Completed with Errors, Completed with Warnings, or a similar response, we recommend you investigate the device the problem and ensure the Backup software can backup the expected data sets.