Manage Automated Tasks from the command line

Automated Tasks are primarily controlled from the Dashboard. Although as you may wish to perform actions when logged on to the computer, we have included commands you can run locally to view a table of running Automated Tasks as well as cancel one or more Automated Tasks.

Display a table of runningAutomated Tasks

$ sudo /usr/local/rmmagent/rmmagentd task-list

$ sudo /usr/local/rmmagent/rmmagentd task-list

808T3AMPUG84Awaiting USB Device Report

Cancel an Automated Task by ID

$ sudo /usr/local/rmmagent/rmmagentd task-cancel --id=<Task ID>

$ sudo /usr/local/rmmagent/rmmagentd task-cancel --id=808T3AMPUG84

Cancel all Automated Tasks

$ sudo /usr/local/rmmagent/rmmagentd task-cancel --all