Checks and Results

The following Check information is available through the API:

API Call Service name Description
Listing Failing Checks list_failing_checks List all failing checks for account
Listing Checks list_checks Lists all checks for device identified by deviceid.
Listing Check Configuration list_check_config Lists configuration for given check
Listing Formatted Check Output get_formatted_check_output Returns formatted result of check (error or otherwise)
List Outages list_outages Returns list of outages which are either still open, or which were closed in last 61 days
List Performance History list_performance_history Obtains the data relating to all the Performance and Bandwidth Monitoring Checks running on the specified device
List Drive Space History list_drive_space_history Returns the daily (interval=DAY), weekly (interval=WEEK) or monthly (interval=MONTH) disk space usage information for a device
List Exchange Storage History list_exchange_storage_history Returns the daily (interval=DAY), weekly (interval=WEEK) or monthly (interval=MONTH) Exchange Store Size information for a device
Clear a Check clear_check Clear a check status
Add a Check Note add_check_note Add a public/private note to a check. You must supply either a value for public_note or private_note.
List Templates list_templates Lists all templates for server or workstation for account

API Call Frequency — Each API call uses system resources when querying and returning data. To avoid performance issues, do not send automated API calls using a frequency less than 90 seconds. We may contact you if we detect API activity that negatively impacts system performance.

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