Record Time spent on an outage against the PSA Ticket - Original Integration

The length of time spent working on an outage can be recorded via the Time tab. Simply select Add Time then the Work Type, enter a Summary, choosing the Date as well as the Start and End Time from the relevant drop-downs.You can choose the Summary Destination from the drop-down, either Detail Description or Resolution. Once completed Save to update this information both on the Dashboard and PSA Ticket.

Any Time Entries added against the PSA Ticket are replicated on both the Dashboard and PSA System with the Dashboard reporting these in the Dashboard time as selected via Settings, General Settings, Hours..

When adding Time against the ticket via the Dashboard both the time and notes are recorded against the Time Entry in your PSA system.

When adding a Time Entry against the ticket in your PSA system the notes along with the time they were added are recorded under the Notes tab with the Start and End Date/Time in addition to the entered Hours duration reported under the Time tab.