Adding Notes to the PSA Ticket - Original Integration

The cause of the outage is automatically created as a Note and further Notes may be added to the PSA Ticket via the Add Note option. Simply enter the Note content and once completed Save to update the Note information both on the Dashboard and PSA Ticket. You are prompted to enter your login details when adding a note if not already logged into your PSA system via the Dashboard

Once added a summary of the Note is displayed in the main ticket window with the option to view the compete note available from the Full Text button.


Note: there may be a slight delay when adding a note whilst the updated information is communicated to the PSA system. This behavior is regardless of whether the option to close the ticket on check clear is setup.

Please note, this note may also be visible to the end user where they have access to the PSA system to view tickets. If you wish to disable this behavior, please untick the Prompt for notes when clearing failed checks box in Settings, General Settings, Notes