Output HTML

This Automation Manager object creates a table of the linked data in an HTML file.



Input Parameters

Name Type Required Description
Data Link Yes The data to be placed in a table, a collection, or example output from get services.
Properties Comma delimited list No A list of the properties from the data that will be placed in the table as columns.
Title Number No The title of the HTML file\page.
Header String Yes The header of the HTML file.
Body String Yes The body of the HTML file which can be the string output from the HTML Table object. It can be linked to the Format String object to add HTML around it and then linked to this object to add another table to the HTML page. Using this strategy, many tables can be added to the resulting page.
Post String Yes The HTML that will follow the table.

Output Parameters

Name Type Description
HtmlString Collection of strings The HTML file as a string. This is suitable for linking to the Output File object in order to name the file and possibly invoke it.
Result Number Returns a success value of zero or any value other than zero to indicate failure.

Example Input Parameters

Name Type Required Example
Data Link Yes Link the Data field to any dropped Automation Object that produces an array.
Properties Comma delimited list No <intentionally left blank>
Title Number No <intentionally left blank>
Header String Yes Header for information included in HTML file
Body String Yes <intentionally left blank>
Post String Yes <intentionally left blank>

Link the output of this object to the Ouput File object and then check the invoke box to cause your default browser to display the failure that was created.