Replicate Now

This Automation Manager object triggers the replication of given naming context from a source domain controller to a destination domain controller.



Input Parameters

Name Type Required Description

DSA Type



Determines the target on the DSA List from one of the following:

  • All : Target all domain controllers in the forest of the computer on which policy is running.
  • Domain Controller: Targets the DNS name for the domain controllers specified in DSA List parameter.
  • SiteName: Targets all domain controllers in the Active Directory site specified in DSA List parameter.
  • Global Catalog: Targets all global catalog servers in the enterprise.

This field is required if DSA Type is Domain Controller, SiteName, or Global Catalog.

DSA List (Destination)



Specifies the host name of a domain controller or a list of domain controllers.


"dest1-DC1 dest2-DC1"

Source DC



The fully qualified host name of the source domain controller for the replication.



Naming Context



The distinguished name of the naming context to replicate.


"DC=Abc,DC=com" or ""

Output Parameters

Name Type Description
ReplicationResults String Collection Returns the results as a collection of strings (ReplicationString).
Result Number A value of zero indicates success. Any other value indicates failure.

Example Input Parameters

Name Type Required Example
DSA Type Boolean Yes Domain Controller
DSA List (Destination) String Yes

destination-DC1 (This is from an example of a single element list, but you can specify more domain controllers.)

Source DC String Yes source-DC1
Naming Context String Yes DC=Abc, DC=com

This example replicates the naming context from source-DC1 to destination-DC1, and is equivalent to running the following command:
repadmin /replicate destination-DC1 source-DC1 DC=Abc, DC=com