Asset Tracking North-pane

The North-pane of the Asset Tracking Dashboard contains overview information at the Client and/or Site level. The information displayed in the North-pane depends on your selection in the left menu. You can select from Computers or from other assets such as a software and hardware item.

The Asset Tracking Dashboard and associated Reports show the hostname of the device not the Monitoring and Management device name that may have been assigned during the Monitoring Agent installation in server mode.


If you select a computer item in the left menu (Servers, Workstations or Laptops), the North-pane displays overview information for the item. When you click an item in the North-pane, detailed information for the device is displayed in the South-pane.

Column Description
Operating System Windows | Linux | Mac
Edit Pencil icon indicates changes detected between scans
Chassis Type Chassis type reported by the scan. It is updated if the device's role is changed in its Summary tab.
Name Hostname of the device - not the Monitoring and Management device name assigned during Monitoring Agent installation in server mode
Username User logged on during the last scan (Primary Username if no one logged on)
O/S Name and version of the Operating System
Service Pack Operating System current Service Pack number (if available).
Role Role assigned to the device and configurable in the device's Summary tab.
IP Device network IP address
RAM Reported RAM installed on the device
Last Modified Date and time of the last asset information upload (when a device change was detected)


If you select a software, hardware or Other Network Devices [deprecated] item, the North-pane displays the item Name and a Count of the number of instances discovered. When you click the asset Name in the North-pane, the North-pane changes to display devices that meet that asset criteria.