Asset Tracking Icons

The following Asset icons are used throughout the system:

Asset Tracking currently reports full asset information from Windows. Linux and Mac computers running the relevant Monitoring Agent. Other Network Devices is a legacy setting that cannot be automatically or manually populated.


Icon Description
add_icon Asset added
edit Asset edited (device or Dashboard)
trash_icon Asset deleted


Icon Description
workstation_icon Computers
server_icon Servers
workstation_icon Workstations
laptop_icon Laptops
unix_pc_asset Unix/Linux PC
osx_icon Mac


Icon Description
software_icon Software
licensed_software Licensed Software


Icon Description
processor_icon Processor
motherboard_icon Motherboard
bios_icon BIOS
physical_memory_at Physical Memory
cache_memory Cache Memory
clip0303 Disk Drive
cd_dvd_drive CD/DVD Drive
floppy_drive Floppy Drive
tape_drive Tape Drive
monitor_at Video Controller
monitor_at Desktop Monitor
network_adapter Network Adapter
keyboard Keyboard
pointing_device Pointing Device
sound_device Sound Device

Other Network Devices (legacy)

Icon Description
network_device_asset Other Network Devices
printer_icon Printer
router_assets Router
nas_icon NAS/SAN
network_device_asset Network Device
unknown_icon Unknown Device