API Calls

When you query our Data Extraction API, you use API Calls to gather specific types of data. Each API Call has a unique service name and can have required and optional parameters.


To see the API Calls and their information, see the following API Call categories:

API Call Frequency — Each API call uses system resources when querying and returning data. To avoid performance issues, do not send automated API calls using a frequency less than 90 seconds. We may contact you if we detect API activity that negatively impacts system performance.

For API Calls you can use the Describe parameter to return a description of the call, its parameters, and an output example.

If valid parameters are not used in an API query, Error Messages are returned.

Depending on the section and requirements, the API's page may include an Example Associated Service Calls.

This section provides examples of the additional API calls needed to populate the required information in that page's main call. For example, in list_sites it includes the call to return the required ClientID.