Test all checks and Start monitoring the device

The final steps of the Windows Agent manual installation are:

  1. Test all checks to quickly identify any failing Checks before they are uploaded to the Dashboard
  2. Start monitoring the device and choose the account the Agent service runs under

Test all checks

  1. In the Double Check dialog, click Test all checks

    All the Checks on the device run to quickly identify failures, which enables you to investigate or reconfigure the Checks before the Agent begins reporting to the Dashboard.

  2. Use the Back button to return to any failing Check type (24x7 or Daily Safety Check)
  3. Click Configure Checks
  4. Select the Check from the tab
  5. Reconfigure the Check
  6. Click Next to return to the Double Check section
  7. Click Test all checks to determine whether the problem was alleviated
  8. Click Next when you are satisfied to proceed

Start monitoring the device

In some cases, you may need to run the Agent using an account with enhanced privileges. You can do that after installation by changing the Log on account for the Advanced Monitoring Agent service in the Windows Services Console.

  1. In the Start monitoring this device dialog, click Start Monitoring Now


  2. In the Agent Service Login dialog, select the account the Agent is to run under from the Username drop-down menu. If you are not using the Local System Account, enter the password associated with the username.

    By default the Agent runs under the Local System Account, although you can use any valid system account.

    The Agent verifies the credentials to ensure they are valid, and then the device is being monitored.