Relaunch macOS device enrollment

If some end users do not configure the Device Management for Apple profile on their macOS computers, you can prompt them again to set it up. The prompt provides a step-by-step MDM Helper guide to authorize a device for enrollment in Device Management for Apple.

If the Automatically enroll Mac devices option is deactivated for your N-sight RMM Dashboard, use this task to enroll specific macOS workstations.

To relaunch macOS device enrollment to prompt end users to enroll their device:

  1. Right-click the target macOS workstation in the North-pane of the N-sight RMM Dashboard and select Enroll
  2. In the confirmation prompt dialog, click OK

    The end user is prompted to enroll their device.

    The enrollment profile is downloaded to: /Library/DeviceManagementHelper/temp/mdm_profile.mobileconfig

    If the MDM Helper guide does not launch, double-click mdm_profile.mobileconfig to authorize the device enrollment.

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