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Disclaimer: Please note, if any items or other contains set forth herein is derived from N-able, any items or other content posted are provided as a suggestion or recommendation to you for your internal use. This is not part of the N-able software or services that you have purchased from N-able, and the information set forth herein may come from third party customers. Your organization should internally review and assess to what extent, if any, such custom items or recommendations will be incorporated into your environment. Any custom scripts obtained herein are provided to you "AS IS" without indemnification, support, or warranty of any kind, express or implied. You elect to utilize the custom scripts at your own risk, and you will be solely responsible for the incorporation of the same, if any.


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Fix It Script List
DownloadProblem title: Run two uninstall commands 
Problem description: I need a simple script to run two MSIExec.exe commands. It needs to run this: MsiExec.exe /X{5D56359C-92E3-4306-A48D-7F95B8D0D48D} /quiet And then this: MsiExec.exe /X{A0707C59-4B32-48B8-94ED-73BB68E1C569} /quiet I would be running it remotely so I believe I need the quiet switch so that it doesn't prompt the user before uninstalling. Does this sound correct? 
Fix description: May be this will be helpful for you.
DownloadProblem title: Updates with chocolatey through RMM 
Problem description: Hi, looking for a script to deploy chocolatey through RMM to client machines. Would then like to use chocolatey to update apps from RMM as an automated task. Thanks. 
Fix description: Batch file checks for OS version, checks for previous installation, and installs Chocolatey if it does not exist. Script copied from: https://chocolatey.org/ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12322308/batch-file-to-check-64bit-or-32bit-os/13143959#13143959?newreg=abc6e7b681d24363b4d40befe970b33c
DownloadProblem title: keep alive script 
Problem description: We run RMM and prefer to have the client computers available 24x7. Do you have a keep alive script that would keep the machines from going to sleep. 
Fix description: using VBScript, This changes the timeout for hibernate and standby to Never (0) and completely turns off hibernate for safe measure.
DownloadProblem title: Is adding services to monitoring via script possible? 
Problem description: Hello everyone, I kindo of have a problem here some others probably have, too. I need a script which adds certain services to the monitoring, for example all services on a machine which are set to automatic. I'm not totally unexperienced with writing scripts, but to be honest: I don't have the slightest idea where to start with that problem, so I'd highley appreciate it if somebody has some links/suggestions where to start/what to look into to develop a script that can add **a certain script on all machines to monitoring** and **some scripts on a specific machine, all the ones which are set to automatic for example** No matter if I get any help here, if I come up with a solution within the next three month, I'll post it here. Sincerely, AOri 
Fix description: I have been looking at this for a while and have come up with the below. This script doesn't ADD services, but it checks the automatic services running on the server against the services being monitored. The idea is this script runs as a 24_7 check which alerts us to services not being monitored, and then tomorrow I'm going to look at creating a TASK that adds them (hopefully) directly into the XML. I have tested adding checks directly into the XML and it looks like the agent detects that change and add the checks into RMM.
DownloadProblem title: Size of folders within a folder 
Problem description: All our users have redirects on there profiles to a share on the server which underneath has each folder as each username, for example; \\server01\profiles\user1 Is there a script i can run on the profiles folder which would give me the size of each user under it. I need to know the size of user1, user2, user3. 
Fix description: This is the same Script as posted here: http://fixitscripts.com/problems/local-drive-or-folder-analysis *To be used for User Profile Auditing, the Account running the Advanced Monitoring Agent should have read+ permissions defined to the target folders* SCRIPT INFORMATION: **VBScript to audit a specified Local Drive or Folder and return Subfolder Size Details in MB** *Confirmed working in a 2003 (x86), Windows 7 (x64), and Server 2008 R2 platform* ***REQUIREMENTS of SCRIPT:*** -ONE Command Line Variable ***1st Variable*** - Admin defined Local Drive Letter OR Folder; example: "C:" *(Do NOT supply quotes around 'Command Line:' variable)* ***NOTES:*** -Estimate 1.5 seconds per GB of analysis -If no Command Line Variable is provided, Audit Defaults to C:\ drive -This Script is intended for the RMM Dashboard. If running from command line, two extra optional variables are needed at the end; suggestion for this: "" ""
DownloadProblem title: Change a Workgroup Computers Windows Computer Name 
Problem description: a script that could run via RMM Dashboard to allow the Change of the Computer Name. This is for a computer NOT on a domain just a workgroup. Windows 7 compatible 
Fix description: Powershell script. [Source][1] [1]: http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/archive/2013/10/28/powertip-rename-a-computer-with-powershell.aspx
DownloadProblem title: Make an Internet Explorer Setting script 
Problem description: I need some help! I need a script that will change a few settings in IE10. Please help I have been looking all around and finding bits an pieces here and there. When I try to run them i get errors.I need a script that will change the settings below. General Tab: -Tabs (Under tabs) 1) Select all check boxes in tabbed browsing - Settings (Under Browsing History) 1) Increase the disk space size for browsing history to 1024 Advanced Tab: - Uncheck "reuse windows for launching shortcuts" ________ Also is possible can add a proxy server of and add some Exceptions under the advanced tab. Thank you all very much in advanced 
Fix description: Changes the size of the Temporary Internet Files Folder. Runs on Windows 7 workstations.
DownloadProblem title: RMM - Change Username / Key 
Problem description: we run into the problem recently that some of our engineers had installed agents incorrectly with there own username password instead of the primary key. question was how to fix it 
Fix description: copy the values USERNAME= USERKEY= ALTUSERKEY= from a working settings.ini upload and distribute :) before changes are made a backup is made, if this backup exists the script doesn't proceed adjust as you need :)
DownloadProblem title: Get the login name of a user of a remote computer? 
Problem description: Is there a script I can run to see who is logged in to a computer on my network? 
Fix description: This script will return the name of the user logged in on a remote computer, as well as the last boot up time of that computer. It will run in MAX RemoteManagement.
DownloadProblem title: Script to download/ delete folder and extract new folder 
Problem description: Hi, I want to find out how to build a script to download a file from a cloud, delete a file on a removable device and then extract the downloaded file in its place. Can i share this so other people can use the script and where do i put the script. Thanks in advance 
Fix description: this will download a zip file from a website, delete the original file if it exists and then extract the file from the zip
DownloadProblem title: Local Drive or Folder Analysis 
Problem description: I need a Script that can analyze a specified Drive or Folder and return the size of each subfolder in MB. This will be helpful when I receive a failure on a *Disk Space Check* and need to remediate by removing unnecessary Directories or Files. 
Fix description: **VBScript to audit a specified Local Drive or Folder and return Subfolder Size Details in MB** *Confirmed working in a 2003 (x86), Windows 7 (x64), and Server 2008 R2 platform* ***REQUIREMENTS of SCRIPT:*** -ONE Command Line Variable ***1st Variable*** - Admin defined Local Drive Letter OR Folder; example: "C:" *(Do NOT supply quotes around 'Command Line:' variable)* ***NOTES:*** -Estimate 1.5 seconds per GB of analysis -If no Command Line Variable is provided, Audit Defaults to C:\ drive -This Script is intended for the RMM Dashboard. If running from command line, two extra optional variables are needed at the end; suggestion for this: "" ""
DownloadProblem title: Download, Install, and Run Windows Repair All in One 
Problem description: Script request to download, install, and execute Windows Repair All in One. 
Fix description: Powershell script to check for Windows Repair (All in One) from Tweaking.com installation, dowload the installer file if it is not, silently install the application if needed, then execute automatically.
DownloadProblem title: Script To Check if Task in Windows Task Scheduler Has Run 
Problem description: Is it possible to make a script that will check if a or all tasks in Windows Task Scheduler have run? Thanks in advance! 
Fix description: I wanted a detailed list, but also alerting and ignoring, so here's my version combining the previous two.
DownloadProblem title: Check for Directory 
Problem description: Hello, I need a RMM script to check if a path exists. It should show throw an error because it will be a script check if the folder doesn't exist for that version of windows. The paths to check are: c:\ProgramData\choc on Vista/7/8/8.1 C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\choc on XP 
Fix description: This checks both locations, if either does not exist, the folder does not exist on the system at all
DownloadProblem title: Windows Action Center Reporting 
Problem description: Script to run in RMM Dashboard that could display the current messages alerts in the Windows Action Center. 
Fix description: This VB Script will disable ALL notifications in the Windows Action Center. Can be ran as DSC Check or Automated Task in RMM Dashboard. Tested on Windows 7 and 8.
DownloadProblem title: Toolbar & Junkware Removal 
Problem description: I'm relatively new to RMM but not computers or batch files. I've found and begun to modify a batch file to remove toolbars & various junkware. When it runs locally, it completes without incident. When I run it as an automated task, however, it seems to run through ok (it removed a couple of toolbars planted on a test machine), but the dashboard shows a status of "Forcibly Terminated". Are there logs written somewhere I can use to troubleshoot the script? I'm happy to post the script if it turns out there is no other way to troubleshoot the problem. 
Fix description: This scrip reset your Internet Explorer browser back to the default state. Note! A confirmation window will appear asking you if you really want to reset your Internet Explorer settings. Click "Reset". Restart Internet Explorer.
DownloadProblem title: Need to see what the mapped drives are 
Problem description: Just looking for a script that will simply run 'net use' and pass back the output. 
Fix description: This script returns list of mapped drives and saves in text file. Tested on windows server 2008.
DownloadProblem title: Need to see what the mapped drives are 
Problem description: Just looking for a script that will simply run 'net use' and pass back the output. 
Fix description: This script returns list of mapped drives and saves in text file. Tested on windows server 2008.
DownloadProblem title: Need a sample script to demonstrate command line arguments 
Problem description: I need to make some scripts for some common tasks, like 'net user' and 'net localgroup' and need some help with the variables so I can recycle a script more fully. Below is an example of what I would have for a command, the ___italic bold___ parts are the parts I would like to have as a command variable. net user ___administrator___ ___NewPassword___ ___/active:yes___ - this changes administrator password and activates it net localgroup ___"remote desktop users" john.smith /add___ - this adds user john.smith to the remote desktop users robocopy ___/s /e /r:0 /w:0 /zb c:\sourcefolder d:\backup\destinationfolder___ - this copies files from one folder to another with the awesome robocopy. Anyhow, I know in the documenation that it tells you the arguments, but I am a hack at best, I fix computers for a living, not write vbscript. I need to see an example, the documentation is useless imo, including the FAQ that is on this site. Give me some examples using the different arguments and how you would stack them to reduce the number of scripts you actually have. Bear in mind that 90% of the scripts I will want to do this with will be windows batch files, so I am primarily concerned with that. Hook a bruddah up! Here is the documentation page I am referring to: http://dashboard.jptechnical.com/help/default.php?key=agent_checkhelp_automated_tasks 
Fix description: Fine... I will figure it out myself ;-) Here is the command explanation, see this page for details, but I will give you the meat of it: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14286457/using-parameters-in-batch-files-at-dos-command-line **net user John John'sPass /add** batch file contains **net user %*** which says everything in the parameters box is passed to the net user command. So in the parameters box I put in **John John'sPass /add** which creates a user named John wit the the password of "John'sPass". If I want to do it with more finite control I would do it this way. **net user %1 %2 %3** and in the parameters I would put the same thing, because this grabs each word and the space delineates it, and it works because the parameter has 3 words or arguments and the script has a place for 3 of them in the order they are typed. If you only put in **%1 %2** then you would not get the **/add** argument because there is no **%3** which would grab the third word. Hopefully this helps someone out there.
DownloadProblem title: How can I get network adapter information? 
Problem description: I have a group of systems and I need to get network adapter information including the MAC Address. anyone have a script that can do this...? 
DownloadProblem title: Any way to find out the uptime of a computer? 
Problem description: Is there any way to detect the uptime of a computer on my network? 
Fix description: This script will get the uptime of a local computer. The script will run in MAX RemoteManagement.
DownloadProblem title: Script to uninstall Kaseya and VNC 
Problem description: Hello script gurus, does anyone know how to remove Kaseya and VNC via a script? 
Fix description: This script removes a program (set your program name). Maybe it will be useful.
DownloadProblem title: Need a way to auto delete windows 7 file backups older than X days. 
Problem description: Windows 7 is horrible about deleting backups and does not manage space at all until the drive is filled up. This is a burdensome because of the manual cleanup process. Is there a way that can be scripted to delete backups after X days? Of course the Windows image portion of the backup is a daily backup and has no versioning, but the backup of files will fill a hard drive up and never manage space. I'd love to see a script that could do this using the settings from the backup set itself to identify whether local or network storage, and then manage the data every few days. Any thoughts on this? 
Fix description: Delete windows 7 backups folder. Run via Administrator.
DownloadProblem title: display notice or open web page 
Problem description: I've tried about 7 different ways so far to try to show a simple pop up message box or even try opening a web page to display a notice to the user. The problem I'm running into is that they all execute successfully but don't actually open anything on the computer when run through a check. If I test the powershell or batch scripts by themselves they work just fine and show the message box or open the web page as specified... It just won't work when RMM does it. Any ideas or anything anyone has used that actually does work? 
Fix description: Thanks @djroop, but I did manage to find one that finally worked. Don't remember which site I got it from (attribution is in the comments) but it will actually work in RMM, I've tested it several times. To use, just add the script as a check (24x7 for every hour, DSC once daily), add the command line argument as the message you want to show (notice: no quotes) and save. That's it.
DownloadProblem title: Exchange mailbox size 
Problem description: Is it possible to find the mailbox size of all users in an exchange environment? 
Fix description: Version 5 of the Mailbox Size Gui Script for Exchange 2007. Attributed To: Glen Scales I use thius all; the time. It gives you size info for all mailboxes. You can sort or export data
DownloadProblem title: Copy Web Protection Log files with user information to external directory 
Problem description: In Web Protection reporting is primarily based around the devices and not users. The user info is actually stored on the device in a separate set of log files so it is possible to view this info and over a longer period. Also these reports will show the exact username of the person who made the site request and also any system automated requests to the internet. This can be quite useful for terminal server where multiple users are accessing a single machine. The log files do get purged at after a number of hours so it is recommended that this script by run as a 24x7 check as it will update the copied files on a more regular interval. Any log files with the same name will be overwritten which is a positive as it means the most up to date copy of the log file will be present in the folder. Please note there are likely to be multiple log files for a single day which is expected behaviour Script contents can be seen below xcopy /y "directory of original web protection log files" "destination folder for copied logs" e.g. xcopy /y "C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent\webprotection\Logs" "C:\Web Protection Logs" The resulting output on the dashboard will confirm if the script has copied the log files successfully. 
Fix description: Copies files from the web protection log files from the original directory (seen below) to a custom directory of your choosing. Directory of original log files 32-bit OS - C:\Program Files\Advanced Monitoring Agent\webprotection\Logs 64-bit OS - C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent\webprotection\Logs
DownloadProblem title: Script to Disable Netbios over TCP/IP 
Problem description: Need script I can push out via the automated tasks in RMM Dashboard that can enable/disable Netbios over TCP/IP. For Windows 7 OS 
Fix description: I have tested this one and it works for me.
DownloadProblem title: Fragmentation Analyse 
Problem description: Is there a script for doing analyse the fragmentation status of all the volumes ? 
Fix description: Powershell way with better output

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