OSX Daemon Checks

Last Modified

Tue Oct 29 13:12 GMT 2019


  • OSX Daemon Checks on some Mac devices do not appear on the list of selectable OSX Daemons in the OSX Daemon Check.


  • N-able RMM
    • Mac Agent


  • OSX Daemons are listed in the OSX Daemon Check alphabetically with predefined RMM OSX Daemons listed first.
  • When new OSX daemons are detected on Mac devices when the Check Detection Scan runs during RMM Agent installation, the RMM Agent creates OSX Daemon Checks for the daemons on the device, and the newly detected OSX daemons are automatically added to the list of OSX daemons that can be monitored with the OSX Daemon Check.
  • Newly detected OSX daemons are added as a new, alphabetical list of daemons that begins immediately following the list of predefined RMM OSX daemons in the OSX Daemon Check.