How to change Patch Management policies globally, by client, site, or device

Last Modified

Thu Mar 12 14:53 GMT 2020


  • How to change the patch management policy for a client, site, or device


  • N-able RMM
    • Patch Management


  • To change a Patch Management Policy assigned globally to Servers/Workstations, Clients, or Sites:
    1. On the RMM Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Patch Management > Settings
    2. Select Servers/Workstations, or expand and navigate to desired Client or Site under a Client
    3. Select Setting: dropdown and select On
    4. Under Server/Workstation policies, select dropdown for Server/Desktop/Laptop and select desired policy
    5. Select OK
  • To change a Patch Management Policy assigned to an individual device:
    1. Right click device and select Edit Server/Workstation, or double-click device
    2. Select Patch Management
      • If Setting: dropdown displays "Use Policy Setting (On/Off)," select dropdown and select On
    3. Under Policy Settings, select dropdown for Policy: field, and select desired policy
    4. Select OK
  • Changed policies will be pushed to devices at next 24x7 check cyle
  • To push policy changes immediately:
    1. Right click a single device device, or Ctrl click/Shift click multiple devices and right click a group of devices after highlighting them.
    2. Select Run Checks
      • For a single device selected:
        • Select OK
      • For multiple devices selected:
        1. Select Run
        2. Select OK