ESET antivirus check reporting failed

Last Modified

Fri Feb 4 2022


  • Antivirus Update Check - ESET / NOD32
  • Antivirus DSC (Daily Safety Check) failing


  • N-sight RMM
  • Monitoring Checks


  • N-sight RMM uses the ESET Security registry keys to determine the definitions version
  • To determine if the version info is being pulled correctly:
  1. Check the definitions within the dashboard, the link will show on the Daily Safety Check (DSC)
  2. On the device where the check is failing, navigate to the following registry hive:
    • HKLM\Software\ESET\ESET Security\Current Version\Info
  3. Under the "scanner version" check the definition version
  4. This should match up with what's being displayed on the dashboard check
  • If these values match, then the issue is with ESET not updating its Registry key with the required information for the check to operate
  • This can be resolved by doing the following:
  1. Update the ESET engine
  2. Re-run the DSCT