How to create an Asset Tracking only user

Last Modified

Thu Feb 27 09:23 GMT 2020


  • How can I create a user who can only view Asset Tracking for a specific customer?


  • N-sight RMM


To restrict access to only Asset Tracking for a particular client, you first need to create a client access group restricted to the specific client:
  1. Go to Settings>Users>Client Groups/Department Groups
  2. A new window will open, on the left top corner of the window click the button Add Client Group
  3. Create a name for the group
  4. Select the desired clients from outside the group to be inside the created client group
  5. Hit Save
Next, you need to create a Role for the user with the appropriate permissions
  1. Go to Settings > Users > Roles and Permissions
  2. Click Add Role and give it a name
  3. Disable everything except Asset Tracking
  4. Click Save
Next, you need to assign the new client group and role to the specific user
  1. Go to Settings>Users>User Accounts
  2. Highlight the desired user by hovering the mouse on it
  3. Click the correspondent field under the Client Group column
  4. Choose the newlyt created Client Group on the drop down list
  5. Click the correspondent field under the Role column
  6. Choose the newly created Role on the drop down list
  7. Save changes.