Manage Site Users

Once Site Users have been added, they will be visible under User Management > Site Users.

  1. Ensure that you have the correct client selected at the top of the screen.
  2. Note the Status column for your users:
    1. Active
      1. The user has setup their account and successfully logged in.
      2. You may share credentials from the Client Vault at this time.
    2. Pending Setup:
      1. This user has not yet activated their account.
      2. The User Perspective feature will not be available for any user with this status
If the Site Administrator account shows a Status of Pending Setup:

The Site does not yet exist, as the Site End Administrator User has not yet set the Organization Key.

You will not be able to share Passwords.

It is not advisable to create any users, as they will be asked to enter the Client Organization Key that does not yet exist, in order to create their accounts. This can lead to confusion and drive support calls to your technicians.

User Actions

You have the following options available to you under in the 3 dots menu in the Actions column for each Site User:

  • Edit User: Edit the details of the Site User (also used in resetting the Site User).
  • User Perspective: View Site as the Site User would experience it.
    • You cannot edit or view Passwords in this view.
    • You cannot access the My Vault of the Site User.
  • Disable User: Disables the Site User and then opens the Disable User Workflow process to allow you to take any required actions on the passwords that had been available to the user.