ConnectWise® Automate™ Control Center Plugin Features

Passportal Tab

The Passportal tab will contain a list of all Folders and Passwords stored in Passportal which are linked to this particular Client. This tab is available on the following screens in ConnectWise Automate:

  • Client Screen
  • Location Screen
  • Computer Screen

Icon Description
Create new password entry
Perform action against all selected passwords
Change view type (Folder View or List View)
Import passwords to Passportal
Refresh password list
View password
Copy username to clipboard
Copy password to clipboard
Edit password
Disable / Deactivate password

View password

The following window opens when viewing a password:

Icon Description
Copy to clipboard
Launch URL

Create Password

When creating a new password entry from the Password list, the following screen is displayed:

Required Fields:

  • Client
  • Username
  • Credential Type
Icon Description
Add new entry
Cancel entry creation and swap back to selection list

Import Passwords

When importing passwords from Automate to Passportal, you will be presented with this screen which will show you all the passwords that exist for the client in Automate which have not yet been imported.

Select which passwords you would like to import and assign a Credential Type, then click Import Selected.