Passportal Logins Report

The Passportal Logins report allows you to view when selected Users logged into Passportal during a selected time frame and from which IP Address the login occurred.

To run the Passportal Logins report:

  1. Navigate to the Reports and select the Passportal Logins report.
  2. Select the target clients, or use the predefined selections.
  3. Click the Date Range drop-down and select the required date range, or select Custom to enter a custom range.
  4. Click Run Report.
  5. The Passportal Logins report generates and is presented.
    • Each row of the report corresponds with a Passportal User login.
    • Each row shows the User that logged in, the IP Address they logged in from and the Date that they logged in.
  6. You can use the Copy, Print and Export buttons to copy, print or export the report as a .PDF, .CSV, or Excel file.