Password Complexity Report

The Password Complexity report allows you to audit the strength and complexity of all passwords for your clients.

Passportal uses a scale of 1 - 6 (1 - Very Weak, 2 - Weak, 3 - Better, 4- Medium, 5 - Strong, 6 - Strongest) to determine the strength of a password.

By default, a password has a strength of 1.

Each match of the following criteria adds an additional point to the password strength score:

  • Longer than 6 characters.
  • Longer than 12 characters.
  • Contains both lower and uppercase characters.
  • Contains at least one number.
  • Contains at least one special character.

Running the report

To run the Password Complexity report:

  1. Navigate to the Reports and select Password Complexity.
  2. Select the target Client(s), or use the predefined selections.
  3. Select the required Complexity level(s), or use the predefined selections.
  4. Click Run Report.
  5. The Password Complexity report generates and is presented.
    • Each row of the report corresponds with a password entry.
    • Each row shows which Client the password is stored in, the Credential Type and Username of the password and the Complexity of the password, ranked from very weak to strongest.
  6. You can use the Copy, Print and Export buttons to copy, print or export the report as a .PDF, .CSV, or Excel file.