Documents in the Passportal Mobile App

The Passportal App supports viewing of recorded documentation in both the Company Vault and Client Vaults. Users of the Passportal App will have access to the same Documentation and Clients as they do in the web console.

Supported document types
Credentials Articles Asset Active Directory Application
Backup Custom Docs Email File Sharing Internet/WAN
LAN Printing Remote Access Virtualization Voice/PBX
Wireless Contacts Licensing Locations Vendors

Note: Domains, SSL and Files documents are not supported at this time

Accessing Documents

After logging into the Passportal Mobile App:

  1. Select either:
    1. Company Vault
    2. Clients > target Client (example: Hyper 9)
  2. You can tap the back arrow at the top left if an incorrect selection has been made

  3. Choose the document type from the presented list (example: Asset)
  4. Select the document to view it (example: Server)
  5. The document is displayed - scroll horizontally to see detail recorded, and horizontally if required to view larger images that may be contained in the document