Autofill Setup - Android

Android setup consists of two separate autofill services - this is due to the two services available in the Android OS:

  • Beta - Android 8 and higher
  • Legacy - Android 4 and higher

Both services work essentially the same. Once enabled, when you select the login field in an app or website, Passportal will offer to autofill the login credentials, or allow you to select from your stored credentials. Expand the sections below for directions to enable these services in N-able Passportal.


Passportal leverages both of Android's Beta and Legacy autofill services. Please be aware that the Android Beta service can sometimes be inconsistent when used on webpages. Should your use of autofill be inconsistent, please enable both Beta and Legacy service options in Passportal. With both services enabled, Passportal uses the Legacy service for websites, and the Beta service for apps.