User Perspective

As an Organization Administrator, you can see what another user does when they login by using the User Perspective option. This aids in user setup so you can check that the user has appropriate access to the various areas of Passportal.

Only Organization Administrators have access to use User Perspective

User Perspective mode grants you the ability to test out any Custom Permissions you have created or Security Groups that you have added the selected user into to make sure they are setup correctly.

To see the User Perspective:

  1. Click on the 3 dots menu in the Actions column of the user.
  2. Click User Perspective.

The dashboard will reload to the selected users with a banner in the middle to notify that you are in User Perspective.

You will also be unable to view the users My Vault area because this is their own personal vault and only that user can access it via logging into Passportal.

To exit User Perspective mode, click on Exit in yellow banner or select Logout from the User Profile drop-down menu. You will be returned to your original session.