Editing a Password

It is only possible to Disable a credential. There is no option to fully delete one, as this will also remove all auditing information for the credential, therefore they can only be disabled.

DO NOT create passwords with a leading space, i.e. " Password1!"

Although Active Directory allows passwords to start with a space before other characters and the extended characters, Passportal does not support this, resulting in credentials failing synchronization.
  1. To edit an existing password, first navigate to the clients Credentials screen
  2. Select the 3 dots in the Actions column to the right of the password in the list
  3. Select Edit
  4. The Edit Password panel opens to the right of screen
  5. Click the gears icon to open the Generate Password window - amend the password as required and click Use to save and close the window
  6. Click Save in the Edit Password window to save the changes made, or Cancel

Enable the Show History toggle to see the edit history of the password. Disable the toggle to hide the information again.