Adding a Password

DO NOT create passwords with a leading space, i.e. " Password1!"

Although Active Directory allows passwords to start with a space before other characters and the extended characters, Passportal does not support this, resulting in credentials failing synchronization.
  1. To create a new password, first navigate to the clients Credentials screen
  2. Select New at the top of the dashboard
  3. Select Password
  4. Select the Client and Folder the password will added to. Create the Folder if required by clicking the + icon
  5. Enter the Username and Password details in the appropriate fields
  6. If using 2FA in the application/service the credential is for, you can configure TOTP to provide 2FA codes during login - see TOTP (Time-based One-Time Passwords) for details
  7. Select Credential Type, which designates the broad classification of the kind of credentials (i.e. Router, Domain Administrator, SQL Server). Create the Credential Type if required by clicking the + icon
  8. Enter the URL if required. The Link icon will launch the URL allowing you to confirm it is correct
  9. Notes are used to store additional information associated with the credentials such as login instructions, serial numbers, alternate URLs and user notes. Enter these if required
  10. Click Create to save the new password

If you want to add multiple passwords at once, please see: Importing Passwords by CSV