When do I get my QR code to appear after I turn on MFA?

You will be presented with an Authenticator QR code on your the next login attempt to Passportal.

If no QR Code is presented at your next login attempt to Passportal, please try the following:

  1. Logout of Passportal
  2. Clear the browser cache
  3. Log into Passportal

If the QR Code is still not presented, MFA settings should be checked. As MFA can be set at the global level (Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)), and can be set to enforced or not:

  1. Confirm MFA is enabled in your Passportal Profile: Editing your Profile.
  2. Logout of Passportal
  3. Clear the browser cache
  4. Log into Passportal

If the QR code still does not display, please raise a support case.