Linked Items

As you populate Passportal +Documentation Manager with documents and link them to other related items, you will find to the right of each document the unified sidebar. Here you can quickly access the related documents, as well as quick launch remote sessions or copy credentials for example, without having to first open the linked document.

Each entry will display with a series of icons, appropriate to the document type and it's contents:

  • Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Usernames and Passwords can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Locations will show a Geo-tag, when clicked it will open a new tab in your browser and launch Google Maps showing the location.
  • SSL and Domain items will have a color coded icon denoting the expiry time, the same as seen on the main dashboard.

Remove Linked Items

In the event that a Linked Item is no longer required to be linked, or has been linked incorrectly, you can remove the linkage.

To remove the link:

  1. Note which record has the Linked Item needing to be removed
  2. Locate and open the Linked Item record
  3. Click Edit - the edit dialog opens to the right of the screen
  4. In the Linked Items section click the bin icon to the right of the record where the link is to be removed
  5. Click Save