Troubleshooting Blink Users and the Blink App

Error message on App Phone Number is Invalid when scanning the QR code

Reason for occurrence:

Notifications may be turned off in your phones OS configuration for the Blink app. Notifications must be turned for the Blink app on in order for it to function correctly.


  • For IOS: Navigate to Settings → Notifications → Blink → and ensure Allow Notifications is enabled.
  • For Android: Navigate to Settings → Apps → Blink → Notifications and ensure this is enabled.

Additional Info:

Blink App won’t install correctly or it crashes when opened (Android)

Reason for occurrence:

This can happen if there is an old version of the Android OS. The minimum version required is Android Nougat.


Check Version of the phone’s operating system and update to latest version if necessary.

Uninstall the app and then reinstall and re-register.

Additional Information:

Checking your Android OS version

After resetting a user password (user or technician initiated), the user reports that the password reset did not work

Reason for occurrence:

The most likely cause of this issue agents and domain setup are not configured correctly. Multi-domain controller environments can have this issue if the main agent is installed more than once, or if the 2-way Sync listener component is not installed on each other domain controller.


Confirm with the user they are not copying the password with an additional space at the end (for example) and typing it directly to ensure this does not occur.

Confirm AD Setup Health

Check the Domain Controller(DC) for that client to ensure the agent services are running (Change Notifier Service and Passportal Service).

Ensure TLS 1.2 is enabled on the DC

Check any secondary DC to ensure there is only 1 agent installed for this domain - Each other DC should have the 2-way Sync Listener component installed only.

Check that the Domain name is set to the FQDN within the AD agent.

Check Active Directory Sites and Services for the domain and confirm there are no un-addressed decommissioned DCs.

Additional Information:

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  • Configuring AD Sync in a Multi-Domain Controller Environment
  • Configuring Active Directory Sync for a Workgroup Environment
  • Troubleshooting 2-way sync with the AD Agent
  • VIDEO: Blink End User Verification and Mobile Device Enrollment

Phone Number in use message when registering the App

Reason for occurrence:

You may have another user in your Passportal account already using that phone number. A phone number can only exist once in the account.


Review the users in Passportal for active or disabled users that may have this phone number in use. If the number is associated with a disabled user, you can change the number to a false number in order to use the proper phone number.

If the number is not already in use, have the user uninstall the Blink app.

Log in to Passportal , and navigate to User Management > Blink Users, and then choose Reset User from the 3 dots menu in the Actions column.

Then have them reinstall the app and scan the QR code from email registration again.

User received Error! The activation link you are trying to use is no longer active when activating an account through the activation email

Reason for occurrence:

The registration link is not valid or expired. The link expires after 48 hours.


Log in to Passportal, and navigate to User Management > Blink Users, and then choose Reset User from the 3 dots menu in the Actions column.

This will send a new activation email to the user with a new 48-hour expiration.