Update Document: Updates present properties

This request updates a specific document where the documentId number is passed in the URL and removes any properties that are not present.

PATCH: <BaseURL>/api/v2/documents/{documentId}


Parameter Description Requirement Supported Value In
x-api-token The API access_token generated for the Access Key Required String Header
documentId Identifier for the target document Required String Path
schema Document configuration information Required String Body


Parameter Description Requirement Supported Value In
name Document name Required String Body
description Document description Required String Body
value Contains the information type and the information itself Required String Body

Request Format


curl --location --request PATCH '<BaseURL>/api/v2/documents/<documentId>' \
--header 'x-access-token: <your_API_Access_Token>'
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
--data-raw '
		"additionalProp1": [
		"name": "string",
		"description": true,
		"value": {
			"type": "string"
			"text": "string"

		"additionalProp2": [



Header Key Header Value
x-access-token <your_API_Access_Token>
content-type application/json
Params (Path Variables)
documentID <ID of target document>
Body (raw / JSON)
name <Document name>
description <Document description>
value <Information type and the information itself>

Response Format

  "success": "true"