Update Batch Documents: Updates present properties

This request updates a batch of new documents and updates present properties only.

PATCH: <BaseURL>/api/v2/documents


Parameter Description Requirement Supported Value In
x-api-token The API access_token generated for the Access Key Required String Header
schema Document configuration information Required String Body


Parameter Description Requirement Supported Value In
templateUid Unique template id (for example TPL-79) Required String Body
id Enter the document ID to update Required Integer Body
title Name of the document Required String Body

Request Format


curl --location --request PATCH '<BaseURL>/api/v2/documents/' \
--header 'x-access-token: <your_API_Access_Token>'
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
--data-raw '
		"templateUid": "59",
		"id": 0,
		"title": "string",



Header Key Header Value
x-access-token <your_API_Access_Token>
Body (raw / JSON)
templateUid <ID for the template>
id <Leave blank when adding documents>
title <Document title>

Response Format

  "success": "true"