Sync Overview (PSA and RMM Integrations)

Once an integration with a RMM or PSA product has been successfully setup and synced, the Sync Overview screen allows you to amend the synced items for the integration.

To access the Sync Overview:

  1. Log into Passportal
  2. Select Configure Integration in the left menu
  3. Choose Sync Overview

Sync Overview Screen

The Client drop-down menu only shows those Clients synced in the integration.

Integration Product Tile

The Sync Overview screen shows the currently selected integration being viewed in the top left tile.

This tile also details when the integrated product Last Synced with Passportal and provides access to the sync logs.

Changing which integration you are viewing is also controlled in this tile.

To change the viewed integrated product:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow in the tile
  2. Select the Integration you want to view

To view Sync Logs:

  1. Select the integrated product you wish to view logs for
  2. Click the View Logs link - the View Sync Logs window opens
  3. Select the Date Range in the drop-down calendar - the logs are shown in the window

Global Sync detail tiles

The Total Synced Resources and Resources Status tiles show details for all resources in the integration, not just those for the Client selected.

This allows you to see easily the volume of synced resources and their status:

  • Excluded
  • Matched
  • Not Synced

Sync Status

With an Integration and Client selected, the Sync Status section displays those items that have been synced.

You can filter the listed items using the plain text Filter by entering the name or partial name of the item you are trying to locate. The list can also be filterd using the Type and Status drop-down filters.

Each synced item has a drop-down menu to the far right. This menu allows you to either:

  • Re-match Record
  • Exclude Record

To Re-match Record:

  1. Locate the item to be re-matched
  2. Use the item's drop-down menu and select Re-match Record to open the Re-match Record dialog
  3. Select the record to re-match to from the drop-down menu
  4. Toggle the Disable previous Passportal record as required
  5. Click Match to save and close

To Exclude Record:

  1. Locate the item to be re-matched
  2. Use the item's drop-down menu and select Exclude Record to open the Exclude Record dialog
  3. Toggle the Disable Passportal record as required
  4. Click Exclude to complete