What are the methods available to recover a lost Organization Key within Passportal?

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Tue Jun 02 09:32 GMT 2020


  • What are the methods available to recovery a lost Organization Key within Passportal?


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  • When an Organization Key is lost or forgotten there are a few ways to recover it
    • Option 1: An Org Admin / Site Admin can send you an Org Key
    • Steps to do this are as follows:
      1. In Passportal as an Admin, go to User Management on the left side bar menu
      2. Select Pro Users or Site Users
      3. Select the Actions button
      4. Select Edit User
      5. Select Send Org Key
      6. An e-mail will now be sent to the user containing a cookie with the org key to be saved to their browser
        • NOTE: Org Admins can only Send Org Keys to Pro users, Site Admins can only send Org Keys to other Site Users within their Site
    • Option 2: Get Org Key from registration email
      • When the account creator first registered the company with Passportal an e-mail was sent to this account with the title "Account Activation Complete", from the sender no-reply@passportalmsp.com; this e-mail will contain their Org Key
    • Option 3: If a Site Admin or Organization Admin can still access Passportal
    • They can view their Org Key in plain text by navigating to the following location:
      1. Go to Settings on the left side bar menu
      2. Select General
      3. Select the Advanced Options tab
      4. At the bottom of the page is a button called "Show Organization Key", select this to view your organization key in plain text
        • NOTE: This only works if the Site or Organization Admin is able to log into Passportal
    • Option 4: Contact Passportal Support over the phone to verify your identity
      • We can then reset your org key, which will result in the deletion of all passwords on the account, as well as all user accounts