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Here are some resources to help you promote and sell Site, your branded password management as-a-service, to your clients.

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Password Management as-a-service (PMaaS or Site) Client Flyer

Add your logo and contact information to this promotional flyer. Post it on your website or send it to your clients directly.
Download Flyer

Email Copy to Announce Your Service or Invite Clients to Your Event

Whether you just want to announce the availability of your hosted password service to your clients, or invite them to an event, this document contains email copy you can quickly cut, paste, and personalize.
Download Email Copy

Email Headers to Add to Your Announcement or Invitation Emails

Here are 2 different eye-catching graphical headers you can add at the top of your announcement or invitation emails.
Download Option 1
Download Option 2

"Lunch & Learn" PowerPoint Presentation

This is a presentation you can use with a hosted event for your clients such as a "lunch & learn" webinar. It walks through the importance of using good password hygiene to prevent security breaches.
Download Presentation

Password Management Blog Posts You Can Post to Your Website

To educate your clients on why safe password management is critical to their security, we prepared four blogs that you can post to your website. To help drive your clients to those blogs, we included promotional emails and social posts. Graphics to support all the pieces is provided with each blog package.

Blog Post #1 "Strong Security Starts with Strong Passwords"

Blog Post #2 - "Stay Ahead of Hackers by Changing Your Passwords"

Blog Post #3 - "Do You Know Who Has Access to Your Systems?"

Blog Post #4 - "Demonstrating Compliance with Data Security Regulations Can Be Easy if You're Prepared"

eBook "Be Your Own Best Defense against Cybercrime"

This is a white labeled eBook to help educate your clients on the importance of password hygiene for SMBs. Add your logo and contact information and post it on your website or send it to your clients directly.
Download eBook


Selling Tips for Passportal Site (PMaaS)

Colin Knox, founder of Passportal, and Brian Benfer, VP of North American Sales for N-able, provide selling tips you can use to close those PMaaS sales. 13 minutes.
Download Podcast

Selling Tips "Cheat Sheet"

This sheet condenses the Selling Tips Podcast into one concise sheet.
Download Cheat Sheet