How to sync users from Active Directory to Passportal?

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Sun Mar 01 13:04 GMT 2020


  • The Passportal agent is installed on the AD server and it seems to synchronize fine
  • Does it import users from the AD to Passportal?
  • How do I see the users that I want it to sync?


  • N-able Passportal


  • When syncing users from Active Directory to Passportal, the option 'Auto Create Users as Passwords' should be enabled.
    • See this article for assistance with enabling this
  • In order to sync Users as Credentials into Passportal one of the following two things has to happen:
    • A users password will have to be reset
    • A new user will have to be created
  • This is because the AD agent does not have the ability to decrypt existing passwords in Active Directory
  • The Agent can only capture password changes from the time of installation and onwards