Passportal Active Directory Agent is Not Syncing in a Single Domain Environment

Last Modified

Thu Jul 30 12:37 GMT 2020


  • Passportal Active Directory Agent is Not Syncing in a Single Domain Environment


  • N-able Passportal


  • This issue can be caused by a few issues, which have been detailed below:
    1. Verify you have followed our existing steps on setting up the agent and meet all the requirements in order to allow the Active Directory Agent to Work
    2. Verify the Agent is not muted in the Passportal Dashboard:
      1. Navigate to the Client or Company Vault
      2. Select the Actions button
      3. Select Edit Client
      4. Ensure the Mute Agent slider is not in the ON position
    3. Verify you have rebooted the Server after installing the Active Directory Agent
    4. Test for communication errors from the endpoint (Active Directory Server) to Passportal by running the following command prompt commands:
      1. telnet 443
        • Ensure you are testing the connection to the correct domain based on the region of your dashboard
          • For example:,,
      2. ping
        • Ensure you use the correct domain for your data center listed in the steps above
      3. Allow the appropriate URL for your dashboard based of region on firewall or content filter if experiencing connectivity issues
    5. Ensure the Passportal Active directory services are running
      • Look for Passportal service and PassportalUpdater Service
      • Restart the service if needed
    6. Ensure the Passportal User account used to run the Passportal AD agent is valid
      1. Connect to the Primary Domain Controller, and launch the Passportal Application.
      2. Authenticate with your Passportal credentials on the agent, and select the client you are connected to.
      3. Verify that the Passportal User account used in step 2 has access to the client and has the permission level titled "Set Up AD Sync"
      4. Note the Passportal Sync credentials from Passportal, and paste them into the agent.
      5. Save and start the agent, and verify that the sync for the client is now showing as recently synced.
    7. Check the Agent Logs for errors; C:\Program Files\N-able\Passportal Agent\Logs
      1. Check the InterAgentChannel.log to view a secure connection being established
      2. Check the ADHook.log and ensure a "Socket Closed" line item appears after a password change notification
        • It is normal to see the process aborted for Machine Accounts
      3. Check the Pserv Logs and look for any errors
    8. Contact support if you do not recognize how to resolve the errors found or proceed to have syncing issues, provide support with a copy of all the AD logs on the device