Import Historical Microsoft 365 Mailbox Data into Mail Assure

To import historical data into Mail Assure you must have emails exported into .eml format or as .eml format stored inside a .zip file.

Precursor steps must be taken before importing the Archived data into Mail Assure:

  1. Step 1: Apply eDiscovery Manager Role - The eDiscovery Manager role allows users to run the Content Search required to export
  2. Step 2: Export data as .pst via Content Search - Initiate an export from Microsoft 365 into .pst format
  3. Step 3: Convert format to .eml - Convert the .pst format file into .eml format using a third party tool
  4. Step 4: Import Archive Data - Import the exported and converted .eml data into Mail Assure

Step 4: Import Archive Data

  1. Complete Step 1: Apply eDiscovery Manager Role, Step 2: Export data as .pst via Content Search and Step 3: Convert format to .eml
  2. Create a separate archive folder (standard .zip or .gzip format) for each domain you wish to import
    • If you need to import incoming and outgoing messages separately then you must create separate archives for inbound and outbound messages per domain
    • By default, all messages will be imported as Incoming, and so only visible in the Incoming Logs, unless specifically placed in an Outbound folder location.

    • These archives must contain all emails in one single folder for the domain in .eml format i.e. 'flat structure'
      • No sub-folders will be accepted: we will be unable to flatten any directory structures so the import request will be rejected
  3. Host the files on a site that allows direct access via a FTP/HTTP/HTTPS URL
    • Test the file(s) can be downloaded using cURL or a similar command line only application
    • Only files accessible via generic command line utilities will be possible to import
  4. Please contact support , providing a direct download link to where you have stored the archive files (suitable for use with cURL/wget), and detailing exactly what each file contains.
  5. We will process the message data for you and add the messages to the Mail Assure archive.

    We do not accept physical disks with the data, it must be a digital download.