Microsoft 365 Permissions Migration

Due to our change of name from SolarWinds to N-able, partners who use Mail Assure's Microsoft 365 sync are required to migrate sync authorisation permissions.

This migration is required by Microsoft and cannot be automated or done by N-able.

Migration must be done by December 1st, 2021 to avoid any interruption to the Microsoft 365 sync.


When navigating to the Domain Overview page in Mail Assure you will be prompted to migrate your Microsoft 365 permissions with the following notification:

This banner will only display if you have migrations to be completed.

To update the permissions for the sync:

  1. Click Migrate permissions in the notification banner
  2. Using the dropdown box, select the 365 account to migrate
  3. Click Migrate. This will open the standard Microsoft 365 Login dialog in a separate window
  4. Log in to Microsoft 365 using the Global Administrator account details
  5. Accept the new permissions

After migrating permissions for each tenant, you will be returned to the wizard to migrate any remaining permissions. This will be done until the migrations are complete.

You do not need to complete all of the migrations at once, if you close out of the migration wizard, you can access this again from Domain Overview.

You do not need to log in to the customer admin that has the sync configured in order to migrate the permissions, and can instead migrate all permissions from the top level partner admin account.

Revoke SolarWinds Permissions

As Mail Assure is not able to revoke the previously given permissions for SolarWinds access to Microsoft 365, there are steps to be taken to do this manually.

See Revoke SolarWinds Permissions in Microsoft 365 for full details.