Legacy: Multi-admin Control Panel Access and Audit Trail

Mail Assure provides a multi-level access structure for Admin/Sub-Admin, Technician, Domain and Email level users. An unlimited hierarchy can be created where each parent account has full access to underlying domains, and associated Sub-admin, Domain and Email users.

  • For each Admin, Technician, Domain or Email user account, only one username/password is supported. Technicians can be used for multi-account access to an Admin account
  • All activity for each username and IP address is logged on the platform
  • OAuth is available for Single Sign-On (SSO) control over these accounts
  • A different method for multi-account access for larger organizations with more than one admin user requiring access to an account, a solution is required that does not involve sharing the account password. In this situation, a simple Single Sign-On (SSO) module is available via the API (see the Authentication section), allowing integration with your external control panel(s), billing system or support system. Using this method, each user's activities are tracked by the system and revealed in the audit trail

There are many opensource modules available for integration with your control panel.