View Quarantined Message Content

  1. From the Admin Level, Domain Level or Email Level Control panel, select Incoming > Spam quarantine
  2. Locate the message you want to view - you can use the search facility to help you do this quickly
  3. Click on the link in the Subject column of the message
  4. The subject is only click-able for messages that are still in the quarantine. If a message is not in the quarantine, the subject will not be available to open.

    • The Mail preview page is displayed
    • The Normal tab shows the message details and content in HTML format
    • The Plain tab shows the message details and content in Plain text
    • The Raw tab, shows the raw message data
  5. To quickly see the reason why the message has been quarantined, open the Raw tab and look for the X-MailAssure-Class and X-MailAssure-Evidence lines

In this page you can also perform the following actions on the message:

Important - Releasing a message from quarantine may also result in it being reported as a classification mistake to correct our systems - this is dependent on the classification type. For example, a rejected phishing attempt, when released will report a classification mistake and correct the system. Conversely, releasing a message that has been quarantined because the date header is more than 7 days in the past or in the future will only deliver the message to the recipient. For more information on the classifications used to describe why a message is rejected or temporarily rejected, see SMTP Message Responses.

From the More actions dropdown you can choose to: