Set up Custom LDAP Mapping Rules

The Default Mapping tab in the General - LDAP Mailbox Sync page includes the most common methods of linking LDAP attributes to Control Panel mailboxes or email aliases.

To view the Default Mappings already set up for your system, click on Show Results.

You can also define your own set of custom mapping rules to link LDAP attributes to your mailboxes or aliases.

  1. In the Admin or Domain Level Control Panel, select General - LDAP Mailbox Sync
  2. Click on the Mapping tab
  3. Click Add mapping to open the Add a new mapping dialog
  4. Choose the Type of mapping - either Mailbox, Alias, Username, Distribution list or Shared Mailbox
  5. In some environments, where the LDAP username is required to sign in to the system, some users are unaware of their username and expect to use their email address. The Username mapping allows the users to sign in with their email address while the system authenticates using the LDAP username.

  6. Select the Domain you want to map
  7. In the Attribute field enter the LDAP Attribute that contains the email address/alias - e.g. userPrincipalName
  8. Enter the Regular expression you want to use to find matches for the attribute you entered e.g. ^(.*)@domain.invalid
  9. In the Formatter field, a string that will transform the matched value into an email address - e.g. {}
  10. Click Save