Email Archiving

Our Email Archiving facility allows you to backup and store all your organization's mail and access it easily if needed. In doing so it helps maintain legal compliance.

Archiving vs Journaling

When Archiving is enabled in Mail Assure, a copy of all messages to and from external addresses (outside your domain), is stored on the Mail Assure server.

Internal messages, sent between addresses in the same domain, are processed by the local mail server and are sent directly to the users' mailboxes. They are not stored in Mail Assure. In order to store internal messages on the Mail Assure server you need to ensure Archiving is enabled and set up journaling on your MTA.

The Mail Assure Archiving facility, when enabled, generates a global journaling address. It is this address that you need to record in your MTA (e.g. Exchange, Exim, etc.) to allow the storage of internal messages on the Mail Assure server.

To use the system's Archiving/Journaling features you must first ensure that your domain has been added to the system and the Archive product has been enabled for your domain.

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