Using this Help System

Browser Support

Mail Assure Online Help can be viewed in most web browsers that support HTML5 and CSS3, including Internet Explorer 8 or later, Google Chrome 13 or later and other browsers that support the HTML5 standard.

If using Internet Explorer 9 in Compatibility view mode, certain features may not work. It is recommended to switch off Compatibility View.

Navigating the Help System

Find the required help topics using:

  • Search - Use the Search field in the header bar to key in the term you want to find. The results are listed in the main window - open the results topic that best matches your search parameters
  • Context-sensitive topic menus - This menu proxy is particularly useful: it is displayed in each topic with links not only to descendants of the current topic, but also to siblings and to the parent topic
  • Topic breadcrumbs - Use the breadcrumbs trail at the top of each topic to keep track of your location in the Online Help structure
  • Glossary - A list of key terms used in Mail Assure and their definition. Click on a term to reveal its definition

Topic content may also contain helpful links that allow you to quickly find relevant information.