Message status is "bounced" in Incoming/Outgoing Logs

Last Modified

Fri Nov 08 19:51 GMT 2019


  • Message status is "bounced" in Incoming/Outgoing Logs


  • Mail Assure
    • Incoming
    • Outgoing


  • Messages with the status of "bounced" were rejected by the recipient mail server.
  • Mail Assure accepted the message and attempted to send it on to the recipient mail server, which rejected it.
  • To see the recipient mail server's rejection message:
    1. Login to Mail Assure
    2. In General select Domains Overview
    3. Select domain
    4. In Incoming/Outgoing select Logs
    5. Enter in any applicable rules to find message(s) by selecting Add new rule and entering search term(s)
    6. Select dropdown for Columns to be displayed: Customise
    7. Check box for Delivery data
    8. Select Show Results