How to configure the Microsoft 365 sync with Mail Assure and multiple tenants

Last Modified

Thu Sep 03 08:02 GMT 2020


  • When using the Microsoft 365 synchronisation within Mail Assure, how do I configure multiple Microsoft 365 administrator accounts?


  • N-able Mail Assure


  • All domains must be created/synchronized with a one-to-one Microsoft tenant administrator account to Mail Assure administrator account relationship.
  • Configuring an additional Microsoft account with an already configured synchronization, will disable any previously configured domain synchronizations.

  • To configure multiple Microsoft tenants within Mail Assure:
  1. Log into Mail Assure with N-able Single Sign On (SSO)
  2. Select Try the new beta interface
  3. Select Users & Permissions > Manage admins
  4. Select Add
    1. Create a new Username, Password, and Email address (The password does not need to be used, but the email address must be valid, to receive notifications).
    2. Set all fields/values as required
    3. Save
  5. For each Microsoft administrative account, repeat Step 3 and Step 4
  6. Select the Mail Assure sub-admin account from the Manage admins list, and from the dropdown menu select Login as user
  7. Select Domains overview
  8. Select Configure sync
  9. Complete the wizard to configure the synchronization.
  10. Select Return to previous from the top bar on the page
  11. Repeat Step 6 through Step 10 for each Microsoft tenant/Administrator account