How do I add a marker to the subject line of a spam message?

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Mon May 25 15:27 GMT 2020


  • How can we create a rule to add spam in the subject line.
  • We don't want to use Quarantine.
  • We want spam emails to be delivered to the recipient with the subject line containing a warning.


  • N-able Mail Assure


  • To add this line to the subject, you must first disable quarantine:
    • Note that if the quarantine was enabled, then spam messages would never go to the recipient therefore the subject line marker is void.
  1. Login to Mail Assure
  2. Under Domains Overview, select the desired domain.
  3. Under Incoming - Protection Settings go to Filter Settings
  4. Untick the Quarantine enabled option
  5. Now the Spam Notation should appear
  6. Put "Spam" in the blank or **Spam**
  7. Save