Do I need to add my own domain to the sender block list in Mail Assure?

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Fri Aug 28 17:58 GMT 2020


  • I don't want to receive emails that claim to be from my own domain when they are not, should I add my domain to the sender Blacklist in Mail Assure?


  • N-able Mail Assure


  • We DO NOT advise adding the filtered domain, to it's own block lists.
    • Mail Assure uses SPF, DKIM, and DMARC checks to identify and block spoofed messages (claiming/appearing to be from a source that they are not).
    • Configuring SPF, DKIM and DMARC for your domain will be more effective in detecting and stopping these attempts, and also allows other providers to identify spoofed email from your domain: How to Setup DMARC for your domain
  • Adding your domain to the Blacklist can cause problems with applications that legitimately send emails from your domain name - e.g. N-able RMM or MSP Manager