One-time email notifications in Cloud Management Console

Cove Data Protection (Cove) provides 2 types of email notifications:

  • Scheduled notifications (used for the delivery of Backup and Continuity dashboards on a regular basis). They are set up through the Management Console (instructions)
  • One-time notifications (based on a certain event). At the moment, these can be set up only through the Cloud Management Console


Here is how to create one-time notifications:

  1. Log in to the Cloud Management Console under a SuperUser account
  2. Select a customer on the Partners panel (the rule will work for this customer and its customers)
  3. Click Manage > Manage notification rules
  4. Click Add rule
  5. Format the rule as appropriate
  6. Save the changes

If the rule has been formatted correctly, it will start working as soon as it is created. You can disable it using the checkbox next to its name (and enable it again when necessary).

Formatting rules