Get Dashboard View settings in JSON-RPC API

You can get information on a Backup Dashboard view, including a list of columns displayed in this view, using the GetUserSettings method.

Required parameters

Parameter Description Supported values

The ID of the view to view the settings for


Sample request

    "visa": "{{visa}}",
    "method" : "GetUserSettings",
    "params" : {
	"settingsId" : 0

Sample response

    "id": "jsonrpc",
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "result": {
	"result": {
	    "Current": true,
	    "Id": 0,
	    "Name": "Default View",
	    "Type": "Predefined",
	    "View": {
		"Columns": [
		"Mode": "Standard",
		"RecordCount": 40